Jan 26 2021


12:30 PM - 1:30 PM



Khok Nong Na Model – Not a choice, but a way to survive

Please join our next Zoom Meeting where we will have Mr. Ittipat Pattaramekanon, Executive Coach and Family Business Successor Mentor, speak on “Khok Nong Na Model – Not a choice, but a way to survive”.


The connecting point to create a balance between capitalism and socialism is the Sufficiency Economy philosophy initiated by His Majesty King Rama 9 of Thailand’s Chakri Dynasty. The philosophy has been well accepted by global leaders, and His Majesty was honored with the Developer King Award by the United Nations.

All the changes and development in this world including natural disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic and technological competition, as well as the intervention of the super power countries have impacted our present condition. We have experienced the sluggish economy, the increased unemployment rate in many countries and most importantly the anticipated lack of food for people around the world. The new agricultural theory based on the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy has led to the term “Khok Nong Na (= Mound, Marsh and Rice Field) which has drawn a lot of attention. Many people are interested in this new land development approach for better living.  At present, people rely too much on things from others. However, this new approach will enable them to fully rely on themselves, be ready to support one another with kindness, and live happily with sustainability.

Please join our Zoom meeting to hear Mr. Ittipat Pattaramekanon talk about the concept of Khok Nong Na Model and how he has built a Natural Agricultural Self-Training Center to connect people with nature for a peaceful and happy life based on the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.

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