Feb 11 2020


12:00 PM - 1:30 PM



Less Stress, More Joy: Understanding State of Mind

David is a dedicated life coach and hypnotherapist. He has run workshops for the U.S Embassy, the Young South East Asian Leadership Initiative, the University of London and Webster University. Working with clients from around the world to help them improve their leadership skills and develop an ability to deal with anything. He blends his professional expertise as a Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and communication expert.
By changing the way you think at the subconscious level, lasting change is possible. When people have a problem that is outside their conscious control it is because the unconscious part of the mind is causing certain behaviours or habits. If you could consciously control it then you would, and it is why using coaching to reflect and go beyond the old habits and triggers makes so much sense. Because here we are accessing your unconscious mind and helping change your beliefs and behaviours at a sub conscious level.
David has worked at SOAS, University of London, the world’s leading institute of Asian studies. On his own journey, David has trained with some of the top life coaches and communication experts in the world. From Ted talk speakers, Vocal Coaches, and Shaman in the Amazon jungle of Peru. As his clients will testify, David has a genuine love of helping people transform their lives and his enthusiasm and motivation are infectious.

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