Mar 16 2021


12:00 PM - 1:30 PM



Meet the Hummingbirds

Stéphanie has recently embarked on an initiative with a small group of volunteers, motivated French people in Bangkok, called “démarche zero déchet” which aims at providing interested people with resources about zero-waste life in Bangkok (zero waste events, practical workshops, tips, etc.). Everything is new for their small team and they are learning while implementing new ideas.

So far, it is only a draft project that may change according to needs. Environmental issues will be addressed from a very daily / practical perspective and not with a scientific or political approach.

Stephanie is a member of Toastmaster Empower. Her professional life was dedicated to the French ministry of environment. She had the opportunity to work 15 years for the same employer and to experience 4 different positions, which led her to the North of France, to Paris, and to the Center of the country, for several years each time. Creating new regulations and implementing was among her main activities during these very vivid and active years.
Then, she moved to Thailand almost 3 years ago. It was her first experience of expat life with her family. As she missed her previous job in the field of the environment, most of her speeches at her Toastmaster club are “eco-friendly”. Words like “Biodiversity”, “climate change”, or “Refill station” “no plastic please” can naturally show up in her conversation.
However, she knows that transition towards a way of life more respectful of nature is an everyday challenge and she likes brainstorming with her friends in order to find concrete and easy solutions adapted to everyone.
To her mind, being a committed member at Empower is an opportunity to build new skills, such as public speaking, team working, soft-power, and listening abilities. Building new skills is a great way to know herself better and thus, to live in harmony with herself. This is her daily challenge. She likes Empower Toastmasters because it’s a place where the proportion of kind and generous people is very high.

Her leadership values: kindness, generosity, and simplicity, because they are key values for a better world.

Reservation with food choices including either fish or meat can be made at 081 928 6611 (Club Secretary K Achara) or

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