Nov 26 2019


12:00 PM - 1:30 PM



World of Online Learning in the 21st Century

Over the past ten years, a great deal of attention has been focused on the impending “digital age” and how humans can prepare for a world dominated by tech and artificial intelligence. Education systems are struggling to transform into systems which teach students the skills they will need to thrive in this digital age, as opposed to skills that were needed for the industrial age. Adults in the work force are “re-skilling” and “up-skilling” by acquiring “21st Century Skills” in the form of “micro credentials” so they don’t lose their job to a robot. The world of online learning is playing a big role in this new wave of education and re-education. Where do senior citizens fit into this new age? David will look at the issue of 21st century skills, how education is transforming to teach such skills and how senior citizens can tap into the vast network of online and learning to acquire their own Future-Skills. David is the founder of Welearn, an EdTech social enterprise which focuses on helping high school students from low income families acquire future skills and an affordable high school diploma. Welearn has an innovation lab and micro-school in downtown Bangkok and an online learning platform with global reach. Before Welearn, David founded and managed DFDL, a regional law firm which currently has 13 offices across SE Asia.

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