Jan 25 2022

Copy of Shaping and Reshaping your Traits

Please join our next meeting over Zoom where Mrs. Hyacinth Arya will speak on  “Stressomania Freedom: The 5 Ws and 1H – that we need to watch and constantly monitor to boost our morale and give more quality than quantity in life. Let us shape and reshape our Traits”.

Mrs. Hyacinth Arya is a Corporate Trainer and Facilitator with a Bachelor’s Degree in  Arts from the University of Osmania (India). She is specialized and trained in Human Psychology and Behavioral Science. Mrs. Hyacinth is an ardent follower and disciple of the Stephen Covey and Dale Carnegie training programs and today she stands tall with an experiential working career in the field of Administration for 10 years (1976 to 1986). After that, she branched out as a Freelance Corporate Trainer, Facilitator and Image Consultant for the past 33 years under her own entrepreneurial banner of Corporate Finesse, with more than 40 corporates and 10 Management Institutes in India that she trains. She has been interviewed on TV by various prominent channels such as Reuters TV, NDTV, Star TV and Aaj tak.

Zoom Meeting Details: 

Meeting ID: 876 4542 0427
Passcode: 3350

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