Sep 28 2021

Shaping and Reshaping your Traits

Please join our next meeting (on Zoom, no in-person meeting) at 12.30 p.m. on Tuesday 28 September 2021 where we will have MRs. Hyacinth Arya speak on “Shaping and Reshaping your Traits”.
As humans, it is our innate desire to always communicate despite differences. We have evolved from sounds, to the pictorial language, then moved ahead with the social and print media. Every Era brings in new discoveries thus ‘Shaping and Reshaping’ is an ongoing process. This session will take you through the art of understanding yourself and others and how you need to communicate thereby avoiding conflicts through better comprehension.

Mrs. Hyacinth Arya is a Corporate Trainer and Facilitator with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from the University of Osmania (India). She has additionally specialized and trained in Human Psychology and Behavioral Science. She is an ardent follower and disciple of the Stephen Covey and Dale Camegie training programs and today she stands tall with an experiential working career in the field of Administration for 10 years (1976 to 1986).

After that, she branched out as a Freelance Corporate Trainer, Facilitator, and Image Consultant for the past 33 years under her own entrepreneurial banner Corporate Finesse, with a clientele of 46 corporates and 12 Management Institutes in India and has been interviewed on TV by various prominent channels like Reuters TV, NDTV, Star TV and Aaj tak.
Hyacinth is a regular trainer on Customer and Strategy Relationship Management, Corporate Time and Team Management, Corporate Image Makeover, Leadership Skills – Level I and II, Motivation, Corporate Life Skills, Business Communication and Etiquettes, Cross-Cultural Barriers and many others.
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